What insurance options do I have?2021-03-20T17:54:40-04:00

We have insurance products that range from general liability, product liability, building coverage, property coverage, finished stock, crop coverage, equipment breakdown, workers compensation, excess liability, commercial auto, cyber, and more!

What states can you write insurance in?2021-03-20T17:54:33-04:00
We can write insurance in all states.
What insurance is required by most states?2021-03-20T17:54:27-04:00

We are based in Michigan and the state requires general liability and product liability in the amount of $100,000 each. We are seeing that most states require the same types of policies – general liability and product liability, but limits required differ.

Will the city I am operating in require different types of insurance?2021-03-20T17:54:21-04:00

We are seeing that many of the cities and townships in Michigan are requiring higher limits of liability (often times $1,000,000 per occurrence/$2,000,000 aggregate). Others are following what is mandated by the state. It’s important to check with your own municipality to verify their requirements.

What insurance do you think is the most important to carry?2021-03-20T17:54:14-04:00

While we feel that every business is different, we feel the largest exposure in this industry could end up being product liability.

My city requires a bond. Can you help?2021-03-20T17:54:02-04:00
What happens if I have a fire? Can the loss of my income be covered?2021-03-20T17:53:38-04:00

Yes – this can be covered on your policy.

I am a safety compliance facility. What kind of insurance do I need?2021-03-20T17:53:28-04:00

Safety compliance labs are held to the same requirements as other businesses. A professional liability policy will also be imperative to carry.

I transport cannabis products and money. Can I insure my cargo while in transit?2021-03-20T17:53:18-04:00

Yes, we can insure cargo in transit!

You can insure my crops?2021-03-20T17:52:40-04:00

You bet! As long as the crop is an indoor or greenhouse grow, we can absolutely insure them!

I don’t own any commercial vehicles so what happens if I send my employee to pick up lunch and they are in an accident?2021-03-20T17:52:20-04:00

We have coverage for hired and non-owned automobiles.

I operate my business under one entity but own the building under a separate entity. Can I insure everything on one policy?2021-03-20T17:52:13-04:00

No – the business would need a policy and the entity that owns the building would need a lessor’s risk policy to insure the building and general liability.

What happens if there is a data breach?2021-03-20T17:52:04-04:00
We have cyber coverage available to our clients.
I am hiring employees. What kind of coverage do I need for them?2021-03-20T17:51:57-04:00
Workers compensation. We have competitive priced workers compensation carriers available.
Okay – I’m sold! How do I get a quote?2021-03-20T17:50:01-04:00
We are happy you want to work with our agency.
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